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Alternative therapies for pets are a great way to manage certain health conditions without the need for surgery or other invasive procedures. These treatment options typically implement a natural approach to veterinary care, focusing on specific areas of your pet’s body to alleviate symptoms. Some alternative therapies that are available for pets include massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, and chiropractic care.

At Your Pets Vets, we strictly follow the guidelines established by the American Veterinary Medical Association to give your pet high-quality medicine which sometimes includes alternative treatments for their health issues. Our veterinarians are adept at performing all forms of alternative therapies that emphasizes full-body healing and promotes other positive qualities like flexibility. Alternative therapies are often used hand-in-hand with conventional medicine.


Depending on the treatment, alternative therapies can provide pets with relief from several physical conditions. Cold laser therapy laser treatments are non-invasive, drug-free, and can be used in conjunction with existing treatments. They’re also totally pain-free and many pets enjoy them since they are relaxing and feel good. Laser therapy helps to reduce inflammation, decrease pain, increase mobility, and stimulate faster healing in injured cells.

Another alternative therapy, acupuncture relieves the symptoms of pets suffering with inflammation and complications related to aging by stimulating the energy in their bodies. Similarly, chiropractic care benefits animals with joint, bone, and nerve problems since it restores range-of-motion and flexibility to an affected area.

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A veterinarian will be able to discuss different forms of alternative therapies that work best for your pet. Many veterinarians focus on each pet’s diet, lifestyle, and psychological state during and after each treatment. Of course, while many alternative therapies help pets recover, other services may be better suited for pets with serious ailments. That’s why alternative treatments vary on a case-by-case basis—some pets may require in-depth laboratory, digital x-rays, or surgical treatment to start their speedy recovery.